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Лекция I ступени 24 марта 2021 (онлайн)
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Лекция I ступени 24 марта 2021 (онлайн)

Mishchuk Serhii, Accredited MIGIS category L (leading-trainer)
Zakharova Tetiana, Accredited MIGIS category L (leading-trainer)

Лекция I ступени 24 марта 2021 (онлайн)


Лекция 24 марта 2021


  1. Восточные духовные практики как корни гештальт-терапии. Мищук С.
  2. Возможности и ограничения гештальт-терапевта. Как выбрать психотерапевта. Захарова Т.

 * для студентов, у кого стоимость лекций не входит в стоимость обучения, цена 100 грн.

Предварительное расписание последующих лекций для I ступени:


  1. Феноменология как методологическая и философская база гештальт-терапии. Сыченко О.
  2. Формы оказания психологической помощи, важность выбора метода. «Прививка» от эклектики. Прыгунова С.
Mishchuk Serhii,
Accredited MIGIS category L (leading-trainer)
Mishchuk Serhii
Mishchuk Serhii

Physician, certified gestalt therapist, certified supervisor, group therapist, accredited MIGIS L trainer specializes in working with couples and families. Development partner of MIGIS. Scientific Correspondent of the Laboratory of Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy of the Institute of Psychology. G.S. Kostyuk NAPN of Ukraine, leading national trainer (supervisor) of the OSCE, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, the National Center for Mental Health and Rehabilitation "Lesnaya Polyana" of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Author's programs "Systemic Family Therapy", "Integrative Workshop: Modern and Folk Psychotherapy", training program for advanced training of specialists with basic medical or psychological education "Psychological assistance in wartime". I held more than 300 author's programs and courses, released 12 training programs for Gestalt therapists. My students are successfully working as Gestalt therapists all over the world.

Zakharova Tetiana,
Accredited MIGIS category L (leading-trainer)
Zakharova Tetiana
Zakharova Tetiana

I am a psychologist, gestalt therapist, supervisor, teacher of gestalt therapy, MIGIS trainer. My life and professional experience, discoveries and mistakes, the ability to survive in uncertainty and impotence and find my own solution in difficult life situations, interest in people and in meeting with the special world of each of them, and much more that I am filled with, allow me to work with children , teenagers, couples and families.