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Zaharova Tatyana

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I came to psychotherapy at a mature age and quite satisfied with my life, considering myself fulfilled both in teaching and in the family. At the same time, I did not lose restlessness, the ability to develop, to be curious, to learn ... I graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and went to the Gestalt Therapy Training Program.

At that time I did not imagine that this would be the beginning of a new and exciting journey for me, the beginning of a new career, the beginning of a life with events and experiences of a completely different quality...

This path was not easy and risky - through uncertainty, shame and fear of "starting all over again."

There were therapeutic and thematic groups of students ... Then personal clients began to appear ... Later she began to lead training groups in Gestalt therapy (first as an intern, co-therapist, then as a trainer, program leader), give supervision in personal and group therapy to students studying gestalt therapy, colleagues. In parallel to this experience, she continued to study in specialized programs and at seminars of world-famous Gestalt therapists, travel to Intensives and conferences and conduct groups and master classes there.

With interest and pride I watch the progress of graduates of my Programs, I rejoice at successes and grieve at failures, and accept them with all this ...

And I continue on my own path. Sometimes I move fast, sometimes I stop... I breathe... I love... I live... I feel and think that Gestalt therapy is the best I could wish for myself.

In the current period of my professional activity, I continue to study the possibilities of Gestalt therapy in working with parents of young clients, the peculiarities of working with gerontological clients and those who are experiencing aging. I am interested in finding resources and supports in various conflict and crisis states.

Higher education

1973 – 1978 – Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute; thermophysical faculty; thermal physicist, engineer.

1999 – 2001 – Dnepropetrovsk National University; faculty of postgraduate education, psychologist-practitioner.

Basic training programs for therapists

2001 – 2005 – Moscow Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Counseling (MIGTiK), “Theory and Practice of Gestalt Therapy” (I, II stages). Program led by Nemirinsky O. Certificate No. 11-DN/3-2.

2005 – 2007 – Moscow Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Counseling (MIGTIK), “Improvement in Gestalt Therapy” (III stage). Program led by Nemirinsky O. No. III - MO / 4 - 8.

Specialized training of therapists

2004 – 2005 – Moscow Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Counseling (MIGTIK). "Body Oriented Psychotherapy". The program under the guidance of Kosyreva E. MIGTIK certificate.

2005 – 2006 – Moscow Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Counseling (MIGTIK). Gestalt approach in working with children and parents. Program led by Zakharyan I. Certificate No. GTD-DN/ 1-14.

2012 – 2014 – Human Systems Constellations Training Centre, Malta “Professional training in systemic family therapy and work with other systems” Program led by: Lidija (Popovic) Pecotic (Croatia).

23.10.2017 – 29.03.2021 – Specialized program “Working with psychopathology in the Gestalt approach”. Gianni Francesetti, Michella Gechele, Jan Rubal

Professional trainings, seminars, courses

2006 – Seminar of Nemirinsky O.V. (Russia) "Working with dependent and co-dependent clients".

2008 – Seminar Gianni Francesetti (Gianni Francesetti). (Italy) – “Working with panic attacks”.

2009 – Supervisory seminar Anne Chretien (Anne Chretien) (France) “Presence-Awareness”.

15 – 18.04.2010 – Seminar by Bertram Müller (Germany) “Creative adaptation: how to develop and maintain it – in everyday life, in psychotherapy, in education and in creativity”.

20 – 22.11.2010 – Seminar by J.Edward Lynch (USA) “From Resistance to Aggression and Personality”.

25 – 27.11.2011 – Seminar Lidija Pecotic (Croatia) “From shame to creative adaptation and integration”. "No and yes in love."

27 – 29.03.2015 – Seminar Lenny Ravich (Israel) "Playfulness, wit, creativity and humor in Gestalt therapy".

25 – 27.09.2015 – Gianni Francesetti (Italy) “Pain and beauty. From psychopathology to the aesthetics of contact.


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Phenomenology of trauma. Attitude to trauma in different paradigms and systems
300 hrn
Phenomenology of trauma. Attitude to trauma in different paradigms and systems
Zaharova Tatyana
Second stage lectures
Peculiarities of work with child-parent relations during the war
Peculiarities of work with child-parent relations during the war
Zaharova Tatyana
Theory and practice of gestalt therapy
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