Free crisis counseling
For people who suffered from hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.
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  • Higher psychological or medical education
    In order for the gestalt therapist to be able to help his clients qualitatively, he needs to have a basic psychological or medical education from universities of the IV level of accreditation. Only an established diploma gives the right to legal work.
  • Gestalt therapy education
    Gestalt therapists can be certified or trained in Gestalt therapy (we always reflect this on their profile on our website).
  • Continuous professional development
    Therapists who stop in their development are not the therapists of our center. We are always for the development and professional expansion of specialists.
  • Belonging to the psychotherapeutic community
    All psychotherapists represented in our center are members of psychotherapy communities.
  • Experience working with clients
    Our therapists have different backgrounds. Someone has been consulting for over 15 years. And someone is studying and actively forming their practice. Their services vary in price and you always have a choice
  • Compliance with the code of ethics of the MIGIS Institute
    One of the main requirements for our therapists is the mandatory observance of the MIGIS Code of Ethics and Professional Practice (it includes a number of provisions of the EAGT Codes, USP, etc.)
Do you want to find a therapist for consultation?
If you are under 18 years old or you are in a situation that threatens your life or health, we recommend you to contact psychological hotline in Ukraine.