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Is Gestalt therapy in demand on the psychological services market?

The main problem of modern people is that they do not know themselves well enough and their capabilities due to changes in the speed of life, the rules and requirements of the modern world.

Sometimes it is difficult on your own: to understand the vicissitudes of life; find a way out of painful and insurmountable circumstances; understand what to do and how to proceed.

Gestalt therapy is now becoming more and more popular in the world and in our country in particular, as it quickly and effectively helps to achieve what you want, saving time, health and vitality.

How often and on what schedule are the seminars held?
Can I come for one day of the seminar or just one seminar?
Is it possible to go to study not now, but later? How often does the program start?
What diploma do you issue?
Do you employ your graduates?
If the problem is in my family, not me, who needs to go to the program?
Why do I need this program if I have another profession and I am not going to become a gestalt therapist?
Can people with mental health problems participate in the program?
What are the privacy terms?
Am I exactly getting what I go to the program for?
Will I get advice, recommendations in solving my question, problem?
Как проходит прием у гештальт-терапевта?
How often and for how long should you see a Gestalt therapist?
What is the difference between a coach, psychologist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist?