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Peculiarities of working with post-contact phenomena
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Peculiarities of working with post-contact phenomena

Saulova Irina, Trainer MIGIS

The lecture talks about what is really important for a therapist to pay attention to in the post-contact phase of working with a client, including intensives.

Saulova Irina,
Trainer MIGIS
Saulova Irina
Saulova Irina,
Trainer MIGIS

People are brought into psychotherapy through personal stories. And I have mine. This is a story about finding yourself and your place in the world. And a life in which there is a lot of freedom and real meetings. I'm interested in learning new things. I like working with people. Watch how their lives change. It's always different. There are no identical stories. There is the same desire – to be happy. And I try to help everyone along the way. I give what most people need. This is real support, care, acceptance of a person in any of its manifestations. At the same time, I have a lot of irony and humor, and when necessary, I can “kick” in the right direction.