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21.02 Hypervision
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21.02 Hypervision

Prygunova Svitlana, Lead-trainer (supervisor) MIGIS

Hypervision is the fashionable name for the supervision of a supervisor in training.

Why is this needed?

  • Firstly, in order not to remain in the professional loneliness of the supervisory position, but to share it with like-minded people (it is better to carry out such work in a group).
  • Secondly, to realize one's own competitive tendencies with the therapist in supervisory practice, as well as confluent tendencies.
  • Thirdly, for the development of a three-dimensional vision of the therapeutic and supervisory processes, since initially supervision presupposes the presence of many working contexts.
  • Fourth, to gain the courage to show the therapist their own interest in supervision and to develop the skill of collegiality in recognizing the difficulties presented by the therapist.

And, of course, this is the acquisition of the stability of this professional position and the development of the identity of the supervisor.

Prygunova Svitlana,
Lead-trainer (supervisor) MIGIS
Prygunova Svitlana
Prygunova Svitlana

Psychologist, certified gestalt therapist and supervisor. Certified Body-Oriented Therapist. Certified therapist for psychosomatic disorders in gestalt approach.Certified Human Systems Therapist. Head of educational programs of levels I and II in gestalt therapy. Author of the specialized program «Addiction Relationship Therapy» (9 complected programs). Co-author of the Specialized Program «Therapeutic Relationships» (co-authored with Vadim Grechka).Author of a series of seminars «Gender identity of therapist» (Dnipro, Vinnitsa)

I consider hundreds and thousands of changes in the lives of my clients and students, their ability to experience their experience as a value, their sense of completeness their own lives, with whom they accept their past, experience their the present and boldly face their future.