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Prygunova Svitlana

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By the time I came to psychotherapy I’d had higher technical, then higher psychological education, dissatisfaction with my own life. I had keen desire to help other people, because I’d been facing health system imperfections concerning suicides (people who have made a suicidal attempt) for a long time. Like many others who come to gestalt training program, who want to change something in themselves and in the world, at the beginning of my studies I hardly understood the meaning of the word «gestalt»)

During the second year of studying in the Program, I began to practice individual therapy. Later, I got an internship with my teacher, Ph.D. Oleg Vladimirovich Nemirinsky and began to conduct programs on my own.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the experience and knowledge that my Teachers generously shared with me.

Working with the inimitable, creative and charismatic Vadim Grechka in his programmes I received a huge amount of professional and human support.

After a while, I was invited to teach seminars and take exams in other MIGTiK teachers’ programs. And I’ve also been working in the Programs of my colleagues after the formation of MIGIS institute.

Annual participation in conferences and intensive courses organized by two institutes, first – as a client client, then - in therapeutic, and a little later - in coaching positions;nundergoing individual therapy; training in additional specialized and thematic programs; a lot of master classes held over these 20 years and lectures given to students; long-term therapeutic programs and short-term seminars; wide practice of individual therapy and family counseling; - certainly contributed to my professional growth and development.

I was lucky to see many eminent and talented national and foreign gestalt therapists at work during my studying. All these factors formed my stable professional identity and changed my personal history.

Thanks to therapy I got out of toxic relationship, created warm, trusting relationships with my child, parents and a partner, changed specialty and found my place in life, my calling.

I am currently the head of gestalt therapy training programs of the first and the second levels in Dnepropetrovsk; 4 long-term gestalt therapy learning Programs have been completed under my guidance.

My graduates work as gestalt therapists, carry out their own projects, and have already become my fellow educators and supervisors.

One of my author's developments is a specialized program «Therapy of dependent relationships», which has been successfully running since 2014 in Dnipro city, after a while - in Kiev, Vinnitsa, Zaporizhzhia. I am also a co-author of a specialized program «Therapeutic Relationship» (jointly developed with Vadym Hrechka).

Besides, I am the author of «the Gender Identity of the Therapist» project, many lectures and articles.

I work a lot and with pleasure individually with clients and couples. I conduct face-to-face and correspondence supervisions for trainees and practicing students and psychotherapists offline and online.

My experience and my interests in professional activity are rather wide, thus, I work with wide range of issues. They are:

  • relationships in heterosexual and homosexual couples;
  • «triangular relationship»;
  • parent-child relationship;
  • dependent relationship;
  • loss and grieving;
  • suicidal thoughts, intentions and attempts;
  • age crises;
  • conflicts and difficulties in building relationships (family, business);
  • psychosomatic symptoms;
  • eating behavior (overweight, bulimia, anorexia);
  • infertility therapy and pregnancy support;
  • uncertainty, low self-esteem;
  • depressions;
  • panic attacks;
  • disorders;
  • states after a break in relations, divorce;
  • sexuality and anorgasmia
  • Existential problems: difficult choices, loneliness, fear of death, meaning of life.

Over the years, my own therapeutic style has certainly formed. Respect for the individuality of the Other is the main principle in my work during individual, couple or group therapy.

Immense interest in the life and structure of my client's world is one the moving powers in my work. Trust that I am creating is a great value in the therapeutic process.

I am open and vulnerable with my clients. What people come to therapy for and what they need is acceptance and love, which I generously share in therapy.

I am convinced that the most difficult and grave things cease to be such, if talk about them with humor. When humor is embedded in my clients' worldview, they it is already difficult to maintain suffering as the only possible form of life. :) I'm sure that there is always a «second chance» in life, and love does the greatest miracles.

... Currently, I observe how the tremendous speed of development of the latest technology, disunity dictated by social rules, ever increasing the requirements of the modern world, create a lot of tension in the souls and minds of people, and emasculation of feelings in a relationship that could be intimate leads to the appearance of clinical, psychosomatic and neurotic reactions and disorders. Everything this cannot but bother me as a person involved in the life of society, systems, countries, humanity.

My activity, my mission is my contribution to the change of this world, in which, I believe, the eternal human values are acceptance, closeness, warmth, love, recognition and respect. Without exaggeration, I can say that I am happy to be in my profession, to fulfill my destination ...

Higher public education

1982 – 1987 – Dnepropetrovsk Chemical-Technological Institute named after F. Dzerzhinsky, faculty of TNV, process engineer.

1999 – 2001 – Dnepropetrovsk National University, Faculty of Postgraduate Education, practicing psychologist.

Basic training programs for therapists

2000 – 2003 – Moscow Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Counseling (MIGTiK), «Theory and Practice of Gestalt Therapy» (I, II stages). The program is led by Ph.D. Nemirinsky Certificate № II-ДН/2-1.

2004 – 2006 – Moscow Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Counseling (MIGTiK), «Improvement in Gestalt Therapy» (stage III). The program is led by Ph.D. O. Nemirinsky Certificate № III-MO/4-4

Specialized training of therapists

2004 – 2005 – Moscow Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Counseling (MIGTiK). Body-Oriented Therapy. The program is led by E. Kosyreva. Certificate w/n.

2009 – 2010 – Moscow Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Counseling (MIGTiK). «Gestalt approach in the treatment of psychosomatic disorders» The program is led by Ph.D. O. Nemirinsky. Certificate № ПСТ-MO/3-1.

2012 – 2014 – Human Systems Constellations Training Center, Malta «Professional training in systemic family therapy and work with other systems» Program led by: Lidija (Popovic) Pecotic (Croatia).

Prof. trainings, seminars, courses, etc.

2008 – Seminar by Gianni Franchesetti (Italy) «Dealing with Panic Attacks».

2009 – Seminar J.Edward Lynch (USA) «Peculiarities of working with a group».

2010 – Seminar by Margarita I. Lobb (Spain) «Gestalt therapy in work with psychotic disorders».

15 – 18.04.2010 – Seminar by Bertram Müller (Germany) «Theoretical and Practical Concepts of Will in Psychotherapy».

20 – 22.11.2010 – Seminar J.Edward Lynch (USA) «From Resistance to Aggression and Personality».

25 – 27.11.2011 – Seminar Lidija Pecotic (Croatia) «From shame to creative adaptation and integration».

17 – 19.10.2014 – Seminar Michael Vincent Miller «No and Yes in Love».

25 – 27.09.2015 – Gianni Francesetti (Italy) «Pain and beauty. From psychopathology to contact aesthetics».


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Аналіз випадку клієнтки, чия доля «розірвана» війною
Аналіз випадку клієнтки, чия доля «розірвана» війною
Prygunova Svitlana
Лисенко Анна
Круглий стіл «Особливості терапевтичних відносин у межах нового досвіду»
Круглий стіл «Особливості терапевтичних відносин у межах нового досвіду»
Prygunova Svitlana
Лопатіна Алла
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