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Hulai Oksana

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More 15 years have passed since I plunged into Gestalt therapy world. During this period I have been lecturing for Multiregion Gestalt Therapy and Art institute's students and those, who have just started learning this course in psychotherapy. I've also given lots of master classes, round-table discussions and run psychology club with my colleague (Olga Velikojhon). I have trained several "Active listening" topic programme groups for parents in collaboration with a child center director  - Natalia Margolina.

I have released 3 groups of a long-term program: «Parental and children's problems therapy with the help of creativity» in co-therapy with Tatiana Zakharova.

I work individually with adults and children, as well as couples and families

Since 2013, I have been leading a project of one-day practical seminars on the Systemic Constellations method.

Since 2017, I have been teaching 1st-2d stages of Gestalt therapy training, in co-therapy with Olga Shpilevskaya.

My personal values are family and good relationships, belonging to the lineage and community, acceptance, interdependence, sincerity and simplicity, freedom of choice, respect and individuality, an ability to listen and hear, to interact, flexibility and accuracy, integrity and intelligence, humor and kindness. I try to keep all of this in my life. I am sure that it is possible to help everyone, who sincerely wants to and that every person has reasons for this or that behavior. Therefore, I treat all my clients, who bring their own unique stories, experiences, disappointments and hopes into the session space, without judgment and with respect.

My first favorite occupation was a bacteriologist (the highest category) and Gestalt approach psychotherapy became my second favorite occupation.

My university friend, knowing my interest in psychology (we had this subject in our curricular), invited me to the first stage group in November 2006. Since then, I have been constantly learning and honing my skills and knowledge. Now I am finishing a specialized program in psychopathology at the French Gestalt Institute.

What influenced my choice? I wanted to know myself, I wanted to improve my communication skills with other people, I wanted to stop being touchy and build more harmonious relationships. I also wanted to be a good mother and a happy woman. I got the result by checking everything on myself. Well, and my loved ones, because my changes influenced them too!

On the second stage, trying myself as a Gestalt therapist, I seriously started thinking about this profession. I have never regretted it! My life became more conscious, I've gained inner freedom, lightness, and relations inside my family also have changed. As I've gained enough knowledge and sufficient life experience, I began to help other people.

I work with such problems as:

  • difficulties and conflicts in relationships (parents - children, spouses, employees, etc.);
  • age and personality crises;
  • anxiety, fears, resentment, guilt, shame, etc.;
  • parting, betrayal;
  • the impossibility to be in spiritual closeness with another person;
  • low self-esteem, disappointment in life, etc.
  • psychosomatics (allergies, panic attacks, asthma, nervous tics, etc.);
  • repetition of unwanted family scenarios, etc.

I have my own therapeutic style, based on slowly building relationships with the patient, creating a safe space for interaction, accompanying a patient in his most seemingly unbearable experiences and the ability to think systematically.

Higher state education

1986-1992 - Dnepropetrovsk State University, faculty:Biological and ecological, qualification: biologist, with the right to teach biology and chemistry. Diploma ser UV № 813687.

1997 - Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, specialist in bacteriology. Certificate № 972.

2009-2011 - Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, Faculty of Practical Psychology, specialist qualification - psychologist. Diploma DS №138453.

Basic training programs for therapists

2007-2010 - Moscow Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Counseling and Multiregion Gestalt Therapy and Art Institute, "Theory and Practice of Gestalt Therapy" (I, II stages).

2010-2014 - Program led by V.A. Grechka - Interregional Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Art - "Improvement in Gestalt Therapy" (III stage). The program under the direction of V.A.

Specialized training for therapists

2007-2008 - Moscow Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Counseling. "Systemic family therapy". Program led by E.A. Burtseva Certificate № ССТ - ДН/3-22.

2010-2011 - Interregional Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Art, "Gestalt approach in working with children and families." The program is supervised by I.S. Zakharyan. Certificate № ГТД-ДН-0110-4

2009-2011 - Interregional Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Art, “Integrative Group Psychotherapy”. The program is supervised by V.A. Grechka Certificate №ИГТ-ДН- 0109-4

2012-2013 - Interregional Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Art , "Body-Oriented Therapy". The program is supervised by O.T. Shpilevskaya, L.A. Ulyanova Certificate № ТОП-ДН-0114.

2012-2014 - Human Systems Constellations Training Center, Malta “Systemic Constellations with Human Systems Program” Program led by Lidija (Popovic) Pecotic (Croatia). 120 hours

Prof. trainings, seminars, courses of foreign teachers

27-27.11.2011 - Seminar Lidija Pecotic (Croatia) “From shame to creative adaptation and integration”.

17.10.14-19.10.14 - Seminar by Michael Vincent Miller (USA) "No and Yes in Love".

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