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How to survive an injury with dignity

War - an event for which you can not be prepared. And during the war we feel what we should not ...

How to survive the war and remain a man, to become stronger?

What is dignity during war, and how to win this difficult battle?

In the lecture, will we look at the psychological difficulties that people and the military face during war?

Post-traumatic growth: what is it, how to get it?

Sophia Verulashvili,
guest trainer
Sophia Verulashvili
Sophia Verulashvili

Georgia. A psychologist, coach, EAGT accredited psychotherapist, supervisor. A President of the Association of Psychologists and Psychotherapists (Georgia), General Director of the Caucasian Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Family Psychotherapy, Vice-President of the Association of Gestalt Therapists of Georgia. Sofia Verulashvili is the only family psychotherapist in Georgia, she leads family psychotherapy groups with leading world experts such as Stephen Young, Russell Haber, Lars Brock. She has 22 years of private practice as a psychologist, psychotherapist, supervisor, coach, coach and lecturer. Sofia Verulashvili is a leading curriculum in Gestalt therapy. She works in individual, pair, family and group practice. Since 2000, V. Sofia has been lecturing at various universities in Georgia. She is currently leading a course in lectures on complementary psychotherapy and clinical psychology, and paired psychotherapy for master's students at the Faculty of Psychodiagnostics and Psychological Counseling at the Andriy Pervozvanny University of Georgia. Sofia organizes and conducts therapeutic and educational groups, seminars on family therapy and gestalt therapy and various types of psychological workshops and seminars in Georgia, Italy, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey and Ukraine.