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 29.09 Supervision
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13:00 - 16:00 in Kiev
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29.09 Supervision

Hrechka Vadym, Lead-trainer (supervisor) MIGIS

Supervision for beginners and practicing gestalt therapists is a support, professional development, and a decrease in the risk of professional burnout.

During supervision, the supervisor analyzes the work of the Gestalt therapist, during which he receives feedback from a more experienced colleague. As a result, the therapist can see a more complete picture of his work, understands the causes of difficulties, learns the strengths and weaknesses of his work, and can also find ways of further therapeutic work.

This seminar is necessary for you if you:

  • Study or complete the Gestalt Therapist training program.
  • Want to develop and grow professionally in the field of gestalt therapy.

Thanks to supervision, you:

  • Overcome client fear and therapy failure.
  • Get support before starting your own practice.
  • Find your own perspective, style and creativity in therapy.
  • You will be able to understand and analyze your professional actions.
  • Opportunity to see your practice “from the outside”, to see points of professional growth.
  • You will be able to understand difficult practical situations.
  • Expand your professional level, knowledge and skills.

All students of the MIGIS Institute can participate in this supervision, starting from the 8th seminar of the Gestalt Therapist Training Program.

* These hours are taken into account in the total number of hours required for certification at the 2nd stage of training for students whose programs are headed by Vadim Grechka.

Hrechka Vadym,
Lead-trainer (supervisor) MIGIS
Hrechka Vadym
Hrechka Vadym,
Lead-trainer (supervisor) MIGIS

Certified Gestalt therapist and supervisor, psychologist, sociologist, head of the Interregional Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Art (MIGIS) (Ukraine). Practicing for over 25 years as a Gestalt therapist, teacher and supervisor. Author of scientific publications and articles on Gestalt therapy. Member of EAGT, NYIGT, SPR.