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Shivikova Tamara

About the trainer

By the age of 30, I had a wonderful profession in which I took place, I was married and with two children, but there were not enough colors, a sense of joy and fullness of life. As a child, I was taught to be obedient and a “good girl”, but they didn’t teach me to listen and hear myself, my desires and needs at all.

In 2012, I got to master classes on parent-child relations in the gestalt approach under the guidance of Shkurchenko O.Yu.

After 10 meetings, I realized that I want to continue, that my body comes to life and I can feel. I had a lot of interest in a new, unfamiliar direction of psychotherapy.

Since 2013, she went to the first stage of training in Gestalt therapy, thinking only about her client position, working through childhood traumas, looking for her needs and desires.

I enjoyed new meetings, acquaintances, new relationships without guilt, fear and manipulation.

I learned to feel my body, defend my boundaries and take responsibility for my actions and desires.

I liked therapy so much that I continued my studies at the 2nd stage and began to practice.

Topics my clients come to me about:

Finding your desires and needs
Inability to show (live) feelings next to another
Fears, phobias, coping with loss or psychological trauma
Age and situational crises
Problems of personal development, self-esteem, self-doubt
Difficulties and tension in interaction with parents, with children, in the family, in love, friendship and work relationships.

You cannot change your feelings and needs that flow from the body. It is almost impossible to deceive yourself about needs and feelings. You can lie to yourself for a long time, for decades, but a compensatory process will take place in parallel, and it will grow. Feelings can't be faked. This is the primary process, to go further, you need to give them a place, to live them.

Higher education

09/01/2000-06/22/2005 - Graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy and received a complete higher medical education in the specialty "Dentistry". HP №27843890

Basic training programs for therapists

2013-2017 - Interregional Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Art (MIGIS), "Theory and Practice of Gestalt Therapy" (1.2 steps). The program under the guidance of Savitskaya T. B.

2020 - to present – Interregional Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Art (MIGIS), “Improvement in Gestalt Therapy” (III level). Program led by Grechka V.A.

Specialized training of therapists

10/30/18– 03/5/2020 - Interregional Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Art (MIGIS), "Specialized Program for Working with Children and Families in the Gestalt Approach" Program led by Savitskaya T.B; Co-therapist Shkurchenko O.Yu.
Certificate No. GDT-SP-DN-0118-10

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